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GRIP Leadership Conference 2019

On Monday, our 8 student leaders attended and participated in the GRIP Student Leadership Conference at the Sleeman Centre in Chandler.  There they learned about what leadership means and how they can work together as a strong leadership team to make a difference to our school.
Our leaders reflected on 4 core traits of good leaders.  These include having confidence with humility, focussing on others, having empathy, and being reliable.   The students then considered areas in which they can demonstrate these traits or improve upon them.
These are some insightful ‘Pearls of Wisdom” from our students at the end of the conference:
“I believe that leadership is not about a badge or the power that comes with it, it’s about being there for other people.” Keira
“Leadership is about people not position or power.” Jet
“A leader is someone who shows an example and puts others before themselves. I learned how to make Lota a better place, how to be a better leader and that little things make a big difference.” Lucy
“We learned about some new ideas for what we could do for our school.” Mia
 “I think leadership is about being helpful and not trying to be the centre of attention.”  Capri
“Being a leader isn’t about your position or power, but it is about putting others before you and doing a job well” Allyssa
“To be a leader doesn’t mean people have to do stuff for you, you have to do stuff for everyone else.” Mitchell.
“Being a leader means that people rely on you.  It’s not all about yourself, but also about other people.” Jennifer